The Buzz February 2023

The February issue of The Buzz is now available in hard copy throughout the South Cariboo. Check out our horoscopes for entertaining life advice:

Aries – Get ready for a month of great hair days. Remember to be gracious when your amazing looks gather accolades.

Taurus – Look to the southwest two hours after sunset. Be dazzled by your guiding planet Venus, unafraid of celestial attention.

Gemini – A clever rodeo clown takes calculated risks to captivate the crowd and bull, but they keep the escape barrel close at hand.

Cancer – Ironically, the tendency toward perfection gets in the way of failing forward. Be like Abba and take a chance on something.

Leo – Try to treat life like cross-country skiing. Kick a bit, glide a little, and take in the scenery. Also, drink more hot chocolate.

Virgo – Imagination is a free trip anywhere you like. Beside a gentle stream, beyond the nearest stars. Take a moment for your journey.

Libra – Either that’s an artistic idea burning in your stomach, or extra pepperoni is not your friend. Get familiar with your medium and go.

Scorpio – The cost of direction can be the loss of other possibilities. It’s OK to let tempting might-have-beens turn into never-weres.

Sagittarius – Life offers many twists and turns even if you don’t seek them out. Let routine becomes the force straightening all roads.

Capricorn – No one regrets flipping up their wipers so they don’t freeze to the windshield. Gratification is sometimes best delayed.

Aquarius – Never in the history of humanity has so much luggage been lost at once. Your knack for organization is just what we need.

Pisces – Your month of birthdays awaits. The Buzz advises you to say ’Yes’ to almost everything, except random animal adoptions!





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